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Welcome to Kingdom Groups Spring 2021 Semester

Kingdom Groups Build Community

Kingdom Groups are small discipleship groups that gather at various times to help encourage spiritual growth and community.  These groups make it easy for people to connect with others so that they ultimately see the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Our trained team of teachers and facilitators are sure to enlighten and enrich your Christian understanding .  Join a Kingdom Group Today!!!

Have an idea for a Kingdom Group?  Email Pastor Joseph Frierson today [email protected].

Men’s Kingdom Group - Authentic Manhood

MEN ONLY GROUP (16 and up)- This Kingdom Group will revolutionize any man who chooses to take this journey.  These sessions will focus on a Man and His Traps (Volume 3 of the Authentic Manhood Series)- teaching men how to win in the face of temptation. Starting Saturday, October 16 at 7:30 AM


Session1- October 16- 7:30AM

Session2- October 23- 8:30AM

Session3- ON DEMAND Sessions

Session4- November 6- 8:30AM

Session5- November 13- 8:30AM

Session6- November 20- 8:30AM

Lead Facilitator: Men of Valor Team Members

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Women’s Kingdom Group- She’s Still There

WOMEN ONLY GROUP- This heartfelt Kingdom Group focuses on showing women that the person you could be is still waiting to be discovered.  God will redeem all experiences through His authentic grace. These sessions will help you look into the mirror and see women God has always seen.  Starting Saturday, October 16 at 12:00 PM


Session1- October 16- 12:00 PM

Session2- October 23- 10:00 AM

Session3- October 30- 10:00 AM

Session4- November 6- 10:00 AM

Session5- November 13- 10:00 AM

Session6- November 20- 10:00 AM

Lead Facilitators: First Lady Debra Pierce and DOD Team Members

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Let’s Talk Tuesday - New Era Tribes/Kingdom Groups

This Kingdom Group is for Middle and High School Students.  These bi-weekly Tuesday discussion groups are designed to increase fellowship and discipleship with our youth.  Currently, the group is studying a book entitled, Defined- Understand their personal definition in life.


Every Other Tuesday Nights 7:00 PM

Lead Facilitator: Sister Elisha O’Neal


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Transitional Kingdom Group

This group comes together to share and discuss Biblical principles centered on supporting people who feel like their lives are in transition.  You are not alone.  Connect with this group and find your strength.  Sign up today.


Every 4th Thursday - 7:00 PM

Lead Facilitators: Sister Sharon Burwell and Deacon Jackie Williams

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Help, I’m Raising a Teenager

Parents this one is for you.  Raising a Teenager is not for the faint at heart- especially during this period.  This Kingdom Group is designed to address many of the issues parents face while they are raising independently talented ambitious teenagers.  There are practical and biblical family solutions.  Let’s get started.  Starting Monday October 18 at 7:00 PM


Monday Night- Starting October 18 at 7:00PM (five sessions)

Lead Facilitators: Anthony and Dee Jordan

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Prayer Kingdom Group

Prayer is an essential part of the life of the believer.  This group is designed to help believers understand and activate a life of prayer.  In addition, learning the prayer of intercession is a part of this biblical driven group.


Every First Tuesday – 6:30 PM

Lead Facilitator: Elder Dr. Rita Lamb

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General Adult Kingdom Group

This group follows a given curriculum for adults seeking to be a part of a discussion that will examine various themes within the Bible.  This group is great for those looking to grow their understanding of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the work of the apostles.  Sign up today.


Every Sunday– 9:00 AM

Lead Facilitator: Brother Ed Young

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Ministry of Acts Kingdom Group

These groups are purposed to assist individuals in understanding deliverance, the Holy Spirit, the prophetic, and healing.  Through these encounters and teachings people will be encouraged to pursue their calling in these areas.  Sign up today.


Deliverance Encounter- Every 4th Saturday – 11:00-1:00 PM

Holy Spirit Encounter- Every 3rd Thursday – 6:30-8:30 PM

Prophetic Encounter- Every 2nd Saturday – 9:00-11:00 AM

Healing Encounter- Every 3rd Tuesday – 7:00-8:00 PM

Lead Facilitators: Elder Suzanna Bell, Elder Ronnie Elliott, Elder Thelma Williams, Elder Minnie Riley


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Where Do We Go From Here? - Biblical Counseling Kingdom Group

During the past several months, we have all had an experience that perhaps has left us with the question, “Where Do I Go From Here?”  We know that while the world continues to change, we can be equipped to handle these changes and to experience the abundant life Jesus came to give us.


Thursday, October 14- 6:30PM

Thursday, October 28- 6:30PM

Thursday, November 11- 6:30PM

Thursday, December 9- 6:30PM

Lead Facilitator: Deacon Chris Hall

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The Chosen Kingdom Group

This monthly gathering is designed to encourage those who are widows and widowers.  It will discuss practical ways of healing and moving forward.  This is a great way to connect with others and grow.  Sign up today.


Every 3rd Sunday morning – 9:00 AM

Lead Facilitator: Sister Faye Stanley


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Civic Engagement Kingdom Group

This group gathers to ensure that members of church remain engaged and educated in the area of civic engagement.  Discussing local, state, and national civic engagement work.  Sign up today.


Tuesdays Evenings: 6:00PM

Lead Facilitators: Sister Shirley McAllister and Brother Doug Thorne

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Grief Support Kingdom Group

This group is designed to encourage attendees who may be experiencing or have experienced grief.  Recognizing that grief is a journey and embracing each phase is at the core of these biblical teachings.  Sign up today. Starting October 14, 2021


Thursday – 7:00 PM

Lead Facilitator: Pastor Patricia Walker

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Financial Bootcamp Kingdom Group

Are you ready to get your finances in shape?  This Kingdom Group is designed to grow your financial knowledge and help you apply practical steps to organizing your life.  It is God’s design for you to be a faithful steward in the area of money.  Join this Sunday morning group, and start the journey toward financial freedom.  Starting Sunday, October 17 at 9:00AM


Every Sunday- Starting October 17 at 9:00 AM (six sessions)

Lead Facilitator: Brother Sean Young

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Imagine Kingdom

The best nation is imagination.  Sunday morning our children are growing in Christ and in their ability to image.  This Kingdom Group is filled with energy and helps children get enthused about serving in God’s Kingdom.


Every Sunday 11:00 AM

Lead Facilitator: Sister Cislyn Griffin

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Veterans Walking with Veterans Kingdom Group

This group is designed to provide God centered assistance and support to the veterans, active duty, reservists, National Guard, and military families.  These gatherings will honor the men, women, and families that serve our country.  Sign up today.


Every 4th Monday – 7:00 PM

Lead Facilitator: Brother Eric Ratliff

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Books of the Bible

This group offers a deeper level of discussion of the Word of God and theological concepts. Connecting themes and meanings within the Holy Scriptures. Sign up today.


Every Sunday– 9:00 AM

Lead Facilitator: Min. Linwood Bowen

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