Our Team

Our ministry resource & support departments are designed to build strong relationships in order to effectively do ministry. While each member of the body has its own assignment, it takes each member working together to reach the goal of the Church. Our team is committed to serving God and His people in excellence. Below is a listing of department heads that make up the executive staff of Mount Zion. They are listed in alphabetical order after the (C) level officers.  To email any member of our team click on their portrait.

Executive Team

Odell Cleveland

Odell Cleveland
Chief Administrative Officer

Pastor Cleveland is currently responsible for improving the operating efficiency, supporting the CEO/Senior Pastor in administrative decisions and ensuring accurate financial reporting. He operates from the perspective of bringing the expertise and experiences of business entrepreneurship together with the mission of the Church.

Pattie Elwood

Pattie Elwood
Chief Financial Officer

Pattie oversees our Accounting & Finance Department ensuring accurate reporting and timely financial information, addressing issues surrounding capital structure and economic forecasting to ensure the success of the Church. She also oversees tangible assets, insurance regulations and human resources.

Monica Davis

Monica Davis
Executive Administrative Assistant to
Bishop Bryan J. Pierce, Sr.

Monica's responsibility is to enhance the Senior Pastor’s effectiveness by providing information and management support. In addition, she works closely with the Creative Team to ensure that calendared events sync with Pastor's Office.

Pastoral Team

Marieno Brisbon
Online Campus Pastor &
Ministry Resource Director

Pastor Marieno leads the Evangelism Team and oversees the iChurch Online Campus by providing leadership, programming and ministry development.  In addition, He works with the Creative Team to identify future innovative opportunities. Marieno also assist with outreach.

Gralin Bryant
Staff Pastor & Ministry Resource Director

Pastor Gralin leads the Exaltation Ministry, organizes the order of worship experiences through Planning Center and partners with the ministries that support worship. In addition, Gralin oversees the production of any stage plays and sermonic presentation during the worship experience.

Joseph Frierson, Jr.
RDU Campus Pastor &
Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Joe gives oversight and direction to the College and Young Adult Ministry. In addition, he serves as the Campus Pastor for the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area that meets every Sunday at 9am at Alston Ridge Middle School, Cary, NC.

Kiya Shears
Staff Pastor & Ministry Resource Director

Pastor Kiya develops and provides spiritual, relational, organizational and administrative leadership for the Encouraging and Equipping Ministries. She also manages resources and provides support for their long-term stability, ongoing maturity, and continued growth.


Crystal Hood
Pastor of Membership Services

Pastor Hood serves as the Pastor of Membership Services overseeing the Growth Track of the Church. Pastor Hood also gets each individual lined up for the next stage of service within the Church. She serves as the point of contact for baptism and new members classes.


Patricia Walker
Pastor of Visitation

Pastor Walker provides pastoral care to members who are hospitalized, in extended care facilities, and confined to their homes. Pastor Walker also facilitates prayer requests and home-going communications on behalf of the members to the leadership and church body. She also serves as the contact person for bereaved members and as presides over the funeral services.

Administrative Team


Johnny Alston
Ministry Resource Director

Deacon Johnny oversees the Enabling Ministry and the Facilities Department. His responsibilities are to provide leadership and resources for E-Team and Ministry Leaders and to provide support during events. Johnny is also responsible for the care, use and management of all Church owned and leased property.


L. James Brooks, IV
Director | Marketing,  IS & Administration

James leads our Strategic Marketing & Communications Teams, managing brand awareness, graphic design, web development, television broadcast and digital creative. He also oversees Information Systems and Administration. James leads the Creative Team to identify future innovations.


Mike Coleman
Multimedia Coordinator

Mike works with the Media Team by providing insight and direction with media equipment set up. He coordinates the development, production and distribution of audio and video products.


Vanessa House
Administrative Assistant

Vanessa serves as administrative support to the executive staff of the Church. She also coordinates the usage of the facility for church affairs and manages facility rental. In addition, Vanessa is responsible for assisting with administrative operations.


Marcella McLean
Accounting Coordinator

Marcella coordinates operations within the accounting team. She also serves as our representative for human resources. She supports our financial office by ensuring accurate reporting and timely financial reporting.


Marcus Thomas
Dream Team Director

Marcus oversees the Dream Team which is our team of dynamic volunteers who use their unique gifts from God to serve others. He is responsible for recruiting, developing, and coaching new Dream Team members. In addition, Marcus oversees our community outreach initiative called “Serve The City”. Marcus works with community partners to provide volunteer opportunities for our Dream Team.



Demetria Wade
Resource Coordinator

Demetria provides administrative support to the Marketing, Information Systems and Administration Teams.  She also manages events for the church, and any facility rented events. In addition, Demetria serves as administrative support to all ministries of the Church.


Corey Williams
Director of Music & Arts

Minister Corey oversees our Music, Dance and Fine Arts Ministries. These departments are an extension of the Exaltation Ministry and are directly involved in the majority of our worship experiences and events. He is heavily involved with over seeing the creative portion of productions.

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