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Mailing Address:

1301 Alamance Church Road
Greensboro, NC 27406

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-6:00pm
Phone: 336.273.7930
Fax: 336.373.4224

Sunday Service Times

7:30am - Express Service
8:30am - Breakfast (Atrium)
9:00am Kingdom Group / Discipleship Classes
9:40am - Intercessory Prayer (Sanctuary)
10:00am- Worship Service
Holy Communion (2nd Sunday) immediately after the morning message.

For additional details, please call the church at 336.273.7930.

Mid Week Wednesday Service

12:00pm Word On Wednesday- Noon Express Service (lunch is available)
7:00pm Word On Wednesday

Campus Information Directory

 Special Events Request  336.373.4212
 Lost and Found  336.373.4226
 Accounting Office  336.373.4261
 Prayer Line  336.373.4238
 Information Line  336.373.4265
 Solomon's World  336.373.4251
 Office of the Senior Pastor  336.373.4252
 Helping Hands  336.373.4264
 Membership Specialist  336.373.4268
 Facilities Request  336.373.4202
 Pastor of the Day (Emergencies or Bereavement)  336.373.4262
 Administrative Request  336.373.4212

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